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David Draper Jr


Ever since my sophmore year of high school I've enjoyed designing, programming, and developing video games. For the past few years I've been developing games independently under the psuedonym Playing with Color. I'm currently looking for a career in the game development industry. I'm also going to college sometime this year to pursue a degree in Computer Programming.

I love every aspect of game development. I enjoy dedicating the time to designing a system of parts and the problem solving involved in programming a game. I value taking the time to make sure a game is not only fun but also visually and audibly pleasing. Ultimately though, my favorite part is seeing the final product in action and being enjoyed by others!


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Game Grumps VS: The Game

Current Project

In this project, I'm building a super smash bros style fighting game from the ground up. It's starring the Game Grumps, a group of YouTubers.

Robert's Run

Published Independently

A mobile game where you run down a winding tube avoiding evil robots and collecting batteries and currency cubes. It used to be on the Google Play and App Store. I'm planning to release it again with updated graphics as RotoRobo.

One Drop Bot

Published Independently

A 3D puzzle platformer with an advanced camera system. Every room has a new challenge in it. When you die you start over, but the further you get, the more health you accumulate. It's on Steam,, Kartridge, and Gamejolt.

Modern Arcana


Explore a procedurally generated world with randomly spawning monsters and villages. The weather and biomes change going North and South. NPCs have random personalities each with different things to say depending on how you treat them. It's in early alpha, and can be downloaded from Google Play.

Circle Pong


A simple game inspired by pong, except it takes place within a circle. I made it to refamiliarize myself with Unreal Engine and to improve my knowledge of C++ as it's used within Unreal Engine.

CMD Survival


A text based survival game. I made it to practice C++ and learn anything I didn't already know about the language.

Voxel Project


A simple voxel building environment originally meant to be a 3D platformer where you build your own levels. Each voxel is made up of a configuration of 8 pieces to connect them together and round the edges and corners.



Another 3D platformer. One of my earlier projects. Here I created a shader that combined prerendered direct lighting with custom coloring along with added indirect lighting to get the picture you see here.

Philip the Fox

Game Jam

A 3D platformer I made for Ludum Dare 30. It's made up of 5 levels of increasing difficulty.

Clay Swordsmen

Game Jam

A game where you fight an increasing number of clay swordsmen. You can dodge and use your sword to attack. Unlike most of my projects, this was created in Unreal Engine.

3D Work & Animation


This links to a compilation of some of my best 3D work and animations.

Early Work


I did a lot before I reached the level I am now. Some of the best is compliled here.


link to pdf



1 year

4 years in Unity

1.5 years

half year

Some Experience



2 years

Direct X

Some Experience


half year


Game Engines


4 years

Unreal Engine

1.5 years

Design & Editing


5 years


1 year


5 years


5 years

Premiere Pro

5 years

After Effects

1 year

Awards & Achievements

1st Place in the Skills USA Animation Competition

At the Skills USA National 3D Animation & Visualization Competition in 2015 I won 1st Place as part of a two person team.

Eagle Scout

I actively participated in Boy Scouts when I was younger. In order to attain Eagle Scout, the highest rank, along with earning a large amount of merit badges, I had to orchestrate a project that would improve the community. For this project I organized a successful canned food drive that turned out rather successful.

Education & Experiences

High School Diploma

I recieved my high school diploma from West Career & Technical Academy.

Skill Certifications

I recieved certifications in Animation, Graphics Design, and Video Production that I earned from the West Career & Technical Academy.

Independent Game Publishing

I've published a game I developed myself on Steam,, Gamejolt, and Kartridge. I also managed a Twitter account and a blog where I tracked the progress of game development.