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David Draper Jr

Modern Arcana


Procedural Generation

Every square in the game is a point on a map. The biome is based on distance from the ocean and north and south which decides the weather. Every square has a chance of having a tree or a rock etc.

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Villages spawn based off a spawn grid with slight offsets for each town. Trees etc. won’t spawn inside villages.


Enemies and their AI

Monsters spawn offscreen based off the current biome. They move based on the player’s position. Each enemy tracks where they’ve been. Once they’ve been in a location a few times, they try to avoid going there. This allows for some semi-intelligent AI. Not too smart to bee-line, but not dumb enough to get stuck.

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NPC Personalities

There are 3 personality traits each with two varieties. The interaction you have with people depends on both their personality and the way you interact with them. So there’s 8 conversation trees in total.