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David Draper Jr

Clay Swordsmen

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The weekend before the weekend of the game jam Ludum Dare they do a warm up game jam called Warmup Weekend. Unlike Ludum Dare there’s no set time limit. I planned to participate in the following Ludum Dare, so I decided to do the warm up in order to test out a few ideas I had. I never did participate, but the things I ended up experimenting with are detailed below.

Feet Angling

The major thing I implemented for this project was the angling and position of the feet depending on the slope of the hill. The way it works is a raycast is shot from the waist straight down to the balls of the feet to determine how far down the feet need to reach. Then the feet are angled by using a second raycast shot from the front of the foot starting from the height of the max angled foot. The height is converted to an angle using the dot product.


The combat is fairly simple.You have a slashing attack and a dodge maneuver. The slash attack checks an area in front of the player, killing any enemies that touch it. The dodge launches the player forward the direction they’re facing and does a roll animation.