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David Draper Jr

Early Work

DM Arcade Interface

My final major project in highschool was to help build an Arcade Machine. I was in charge of the hardware, the computer, and software. I worked with some students in the Engineering department who designed and built the actual body of the arcade machine. Below is a video of the interface I wrote C++ and DirectX.

Raytrace Testing

While in highschool I did some testing with some very basic realtime raytracing.


Brownian Growth

I wrote a program that builds a tree using the basic principle of brownian growth. A particle moves towards the center from a random spot. The tree builds due to the basic physics of brownian motion.


Here are some examples of what happens when you let the program run for a while.

”animated” ”animated”

Jumping Guy

The first mobile game I ever made. It was a sidescrolling platformer. I released it on the Google Play Store. It is no longer available.


Extreme Cart Simulator

This game was mostly meant to be a joke. It’s based on one of the administrators at my highschool who would ride a cart around like the one in this game.

That One Game

This was my first major game project. I experimented with the idea of an open world game. It was hosted on google drive servers which no longer support websites.


Haunted Depths

This was another one of my first games. It was an attempt at a horror game.