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David Draper Jr

3D Work & Animation


Animation is a major part of game development. Here I’ve compiled a collection of much of the animations and 3D work that I’ve done outside of game development.

Under the Bed - An Animated Short

Inspired by Disney animations of the 1930s and 1940s, this animation attempts to replicate that style in 3D.

Christmas House

”animated” ”animated” ”animated”

I made this house in Blender rendered in EEVEE for Christmas of 2019.

SkillsUSA 2015 National 3D Animation & Visualization Competition - 1st Place

I competed in the SkillsUSA 2015 National 3D Animation & Visualization Competition along with my friend. For the competition we had to make an animation about a story involving things in a kitchen.

Desktop Background

”animated” ”animated”

I recently got a new computer. I wanted to make a desktop background for it and test out the graphics card, so I killed two birds with one stone. I made this background in Blender and rendered it with Cycles.


I recreated the Nintendo opening screens for every console in Blender & After Effects with a twist. The word Nintendo is replaced with the name for my highschool’s news show Daybreak.

The Infiltrator

This animated short is about a mysterious figure infiltrating a factory in a desert.

Intro Video

This is an animated intro video I made for my old YouTube Channel.

Silver Xenolupus

This is another intro I made for my old YouTube Channel.

Sunrise Opening

Like Daytendo, this animation was made for Daybreak.

Mug & Soap

”animated” ”animated”

These were done for a highschool graphics project, where I had to put logos on a mug and a soap dispenser.