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David Draper Jr

Robert's Run


This game was originally made for the Ludum Dare 31 game jam. It was a simple game about avoiding obstacles appearing along a tube. I came back to it later and added much more to the game, and released it for both Android and iOS. It is currently unavailable, but I plan to re-release it soon. The game was built in the Unity Engine.

Procedural Generation

Each level is generated based on a variety of variables. The tube bends around transitions between randomized x and y positions depending on how far through the level you’ve gotten. Everything that spawns is moved along the tube based on its position along the level and the position of the player along the level.


Increasing Difficulty - New Enemies

Every one of the first few levels adds a new enemy. Touching these robots makes you lose health.

The first one is an enemy that doesn’t move, but comes in groups.


The second is an enemy that follows your position, so you have to jump over it.


The third is an enemy that spins so you have to figure out where to be to avoid it.


Bosses & Spin Attack

Every boss also increases in difficulty. The first boss shoots missiles, the second drops barrels, and the third shoots a giant rocket.


Each boss shoots missiles that can be bounced back when you do a spin attack after jumping. If the bounced back missile hits one of the boss’ thrusters it blows up. When all thrusters are destroyed, the boss is defeated.



The shaders are based on the basic idea of PBR(physically based rendering) but are optimized for mobile. The main shader is a combination of a diffuse cube map and a reflection cube map.